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Official and fan-made Once Upon a Time merch

Official and fan-made Once Upon a Time merch

Since its premiere in 2011, Once Upon a Time has had the potential to become a cultural phenomenon. Five Primetime Emmy nominations and three seasons later, the cast and crew have achieved this, taking our favourite fairy tales and transporting them to the modern world where they can be updated for contemporary audiences. Merchandise, official and fan-made, was an inevitability, but besides DVD box-sets what else is out there for fans?

Once Upon a Time Bingo!

Fan-made Once Upon a Time Bingo can be played during the episodes. With cards that can be printed off, played in an embedded card only version or multiple card version, the idea is the same as FoxyBingo and all other online equivalents of the game. Each block on the grid has a scenario or phrase that is often said during the show. When you spot or hear them during the episode, click or mark that block. Then when you have five blocks horizontally, vertically or diagonally, stand up and shout ‘Rumple!’ instead of ‘Bingo!’ Examples of block categories in Once Upon a Time Bingo include: ‘Someone dies’ and ‘Male character dressed in leather’.

The chipped cup

Having first appeared in the twelfth episode of the first season of Once, the chipped cup is a reference to the character Chip from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast and represents the relationship between Mr Gold (Rumplestiltskin) and Belle. Having seen the show (we assume), you’ll understand its significance to their storyline, and why replicas are sought after by fans. Many are produced by hand by fans and made available for purchase online. Like this handmade chipped cup from Etsy, which has been artfully chipped for display or cosplaying.

Book of fairy tales cover for tablets

Henry’s book of fairy tales is a popular item for lovers of the show, especially when it holds an important function like protecting your tablet. Another find on Etsy is a leather bound tablet cover which has been hand crafted and hand painted to replicate the book from the show. The core is a recycled hardcover book bound in brown soft leather/ suede, and displays the intricate designs from the show and gold lettering spelling out the title ‘Once Upon a Time’. Quotes can be painted on request too, perfect for when you want to be feel transported to another world even when Once isn’t on.

Wanted: Snow White Journal

There’s a lot of official merchandise out there, from pencil cases to jewellery, messenger bags to phone cases, but one of the most affordable and simple items that fans love, is a journal like this one branded with Snow White’s wanted poster on the cover. “For crimes against the Queen: Murder, Treason, Treachery’, it reads on the front with Ginnifer Goodwin’s likeness beautifully drawn. This particular journal is available in four different paper options, including ruled, blank and dotted, and is perfect for note-taking and telling everyone you are a fan.

‘Once Upon A Time’ EP: Storybrooke Will Not Be Forgotten – Plus: The Hook-Up You Won’t See

Although Rumplestiltskin kissed Belle goodbye in the Season 2 finale of ABC’s Once Upon A Time – tasking her with a vague mission to hide Storybrooke from other lookie-loos as he and five others set course for Neverland — series cocreator Adam Horowitz tells TVLine there “absolutely” is a plan to continue visiting the Maine berg.

“Some people got on a ship, some stayed behind,” Horowitz notes. “And what happened to those who stayed behind is just as important as what’s happening to those on the ship.”

Storybrooke, however, is left populated by only one series regular — Emilie de Ravin, who plays Belle — now that Meghan Ory, who was promoted for a Season 2 arc that wound up truncated, has her own series, CBS’ Intelligence (where she “handles” human computer Josh Holloway). But given that her new show shoots in Vancouver, like Once, and won’t debut until midseason, “Ruby will probably be back at some point,” Ory tells us. “She never died, so she’ll be somewhere.”

Had Ruby been able to stick around, it appears she may have found a “spark” with Victor Frankenstein aka Storybrooke’s Dr. Whale. “I know they were talking about exploring a relationship between us,” David Anders shared at the Upfront event for USA Network, where he now recurs on Necessary Roughness, “but Meghan just got her own show! So there’s that. But I’m so, so proud of her.”

As for his own status with Once, Anders says, “I know I’ll be back, but I can’t speak to in what capacity.”

All of which brings us back to Belle, who undoubtedly will have the Dwarfs, Archie, The Blue Fairy et al helping her watch out for other visitors from the mysterious “Home Office.” “What’s going to happen to her? Who’s left with her? Who might she meet in Storybrooke?” Horowitz poses. “Those are all things that we intend to explore.”

‘Once Upon A Time’ Set to Make Michael Raymond-James a Series Regular for Season 3

Once Upon A Time is set to make Michael Raymond-James a series regular for Season 3, TVLine has learned exclusively.

Series co-creator Adam Horowitz first shared the news with us at ABC’s Upfront party on Tuesday evening.

After making his Once debut as Emma’s ex/Henry’s father Neal Cassidy aka Baelfire in the Emma-centric episode “Tallahassee,” Raymond-James heavily recurred in the last string of Season 2 episodes, as Rumple discovered his son in New York City and circumstances then led them back to Storybrooke.

When last seen, Neal had been shot by Tamara, fallen through a portal and ultimately washed ashore in The Fairytale Land That Is, where he was tended to by Aurora, Mulan and Phillip.

‘Once Upon A Time in Wonderland’ trailer

More pictures from ‘Once Upon A Time in Wonderland’ and Fall time slot

ABC has released other pictures stills from the first episode of Once Upon A Time in Wonderland, along with the opening title card.

The network also announced their Fall 2013 Schedule and the spinoff will air at 8pm on Thursday, before Grey’s Anatomy. Once Upon A Time remains on Sunday at 8pm. NO PREMIERE DATE ANNOUNCED YET.

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